4 thoughts on “Lent 2014

  1. I love to hear the reflections as I look at the illuminations. They bring a deeper understanding of Scripture which opens a door to see the Divine in a new and beautiful way. Thank you!

    • It is our pleasure, Alma! We are glad you have been enjoying them. Sometimes the Spirit speaks to us through what others are seeing with their prayers! Hope you continue to enjoy and benefit from visio divina into the future.

  2. Our parish did the first two years (20 sessions) of “Seeing the Word.” Will there be a third year of the series?

    • Hi Ellen,

      Wonderful to hear that it is has found a place at your parish! There will not be a third series, however we are continuing to publish new reflections on this blog and on our Facebook page. You may also want to check out our Illuminating Ministry journals. Two have been published with a third on the way. They are excellent for small group study (although they are written with those in ministry particularly in mind).


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