Visio Divina, ‘Creation” More Seeing, 4/21/11

 Let’s return to God’s word for the purpose of “hearing and seeing” Christ in the text.  Fix your gaze on the illumination once again.  Ask God to open  the eyes of your heart and enable you to see what God wants you to see.  Be open to images, thoughts, impressions, and feelings that come into your awareness.

 The snow has melted again here in Minnesota!  The scars of winter made visible again.  I am continuing visio divina on the Creation illumination this morning.  As I gaze again on this illumination, at first I think it is the big picture of creation.  And then I imagine the unfolding of the accordion panels—what else is to be revealed? What are the snapshots and stories behind these seven panels?  I notice in the first panel, amidst the chaos, a gold thread perfectly positioned.  It seems unflappable.  God breathes life into this chaos and orders the days.  What untapped potential are you holding onto?  How would the world be different if this potential were released?  How would it affect your relationship with God?

Do you see the gold hinges that seem to hold the panels together?  I examine my conscience to see if my days hinge on God’s Word or all the other words that surround me; or the words I use to distance others from me.  As these hinges open the doors to the deep mystery of God, I also see our vulnerabilities and limitations.  Our faith prompts us to understand that we are not different from our neighbor but part of a frail human condition whose best hope for wholeness is in the recognition of our interdependence with other and with our natural, social and cultural environment.  Intrinsic to our Christian faith is respect for the human person, whether that person be ourself or another.  God created humankind in and out of love.  God so loved the world that God sent Christ to live, suffer, die and rise for our salvation.  The very Spirit of God resides in the depths of each human person.  God the Creator, called us into being; God the Son gave his life to save ours; and God the Spirit sustains us in our daily living.  The dignity of human persons is not determined by what they have but because they are children of God.  The Gospels remind us that Jesus, by example and word, reached out to the least favored.  He went so far as to announce that service to them is service to God. 

And I have been avoiding the seventh day, fully gold; the Sabbath day is full of God.  If your Sabbath reflects this panel of gold….I want you to press LIKE on Facebook.  A challenge facing all of us is to live life reflectively, to develop a contemplative stance as we journey through life. 

To end this reflection, I draw on a pastoral letter, A Church That Heals.(Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston) We have to stop running through life but rather pause and stop and enjoy.  We need to take time to be touched by ordinary moments:  a gentle snow fall, the beauty of a sunset, the light in the eyes of a child, the smile on the face of a friend, the tear in the eye of the one who is hurting and the voice of God within.

We live in a world and environment where constant activity is the norm.  Not only must we always be busy, but we must be busy about many things at the same time.  Not only are computers expected o “multi-task” but so are people.  Every minute of every day is to be filled with activity.  We run from one event to the next.  Physically we arrive at a new place before our minds and hearts are able to let go of what we were doing or where we were.  Such a lifestyle is unhealthy; replacing quality for quantity.  We pass through life and events and do not allow ourselves to experience deeply or be touched by people and happenings.  The fruit of such living is frustration, anxiety, anger, depression and a multitude of physical and mental ills.  It will take time to make reflectivity a part of our lifestyle.  We need to take time to create the habit of contemplative living.  We need the discipline of going apart, so that we might be a part of all around us and know that we live in the presence of God.  It will lead to healthier people making greater contributions to the world.  Deeper values will emerge in human living.  Human interaction will be wholesome and rewarding. 

Go for the GOLD!


Blessings on your day!  Barbara Sutton

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