Happy Easter! Assessing Visio Divina as a Lenten Practice on Facebook

 Happy Easter!

For those of you thirsting for Easter Illuminations to reflect on, consider The Resurrection or the Road to Emmaus! It would be helpful to know at the end of this journey of doing seven weeks of visio divina on Facebook if it was helpful to your spiritual disciplines during Lent. Is it something you would like to see more of here on Facebook? The easiest way to respond is to press the LIKE button if it was positive, or write us a message. If by chance you would like your response to be more private, feel free to email Barbara Sutton at bsutton@csbsju.edu.

Finally I need to say a public THANK YOU to Taylor Morgan, Amie Schumacher and Kathy Janku for their work, prayers, and public visio divina on Facebook.  We are blessed by their spiritual journey and their dedication to proclaiming the Gospel, even on Facebook!  Thank you.  Barbara Sutton

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