Adding Scripture to Your Family’s Daily Routines

Making The Saint John’s Bible a Part of Your Home
National Bible Week 2015

“National Bible Week provides a unique opportunity for parents to revisit and renew their understanding of the power of the Word of God in the life of their family. As leaders of the ‘domestic Church,’ parents are encouraged to be not only the first but the best of teachers for their children in the ways of faith.” -USCCB


As you begin to incorporate Scripture into your home life, try adding it after a meal, as part of preparation for bedtime, or whenever your family is most likely to gather together already.

Keep it short and simple. Write down Scripture verses on slips of paper and each day ask a different family member to draw a passage, find it in the Bible, and read it aloud. Make sure to include everyone. For those that are not able to read, pick one line from the passage you have read and ask them to repeat it back to you.  End with a brief discussion.

Other Tips:

  • Equip your children by teaching them short verses from Scripture that can be quietly repeated over and over such as while brushing their teeth or if they awake in the middle of the night..
  • Use Bible quotes to help your children practice their handwriting.

Once you have introduced Scripture into your daily routines, choose a consistent time that you will intentionally gather together for a longer reflection—perhaps one evening a month or a Saturday afternoon before a special family dinner. One aspect of these longer reflections will be to invite everyone to listen for a word that God has for them as the passage is read aloud. This word is something that everyone can carry with them throughout the rest of the week or month. Find creative ways to check back with your family members on how God continues to speak to them through their word.

Barbara Sutton has designed the following resource, which describes the reflection process you can use with the Seeing the Word Reflection Guides in more detail.

Download it here: Using-Seeing-the-Word-at-Home-with-Families.pdf (451 downloads)

Praying with Your Family


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