Displaying Your Bible Prominently in Your Home

Making The Saint John’s Bible a Part of Your Home
National Bible Week 2015

“National Bible Week provides a unique opportunity for parents to revisit and renew their understanding of the power of the Word of God in the life of their family. As leaders of the ‘domestic Church,’ parents are encouraged to be not only the first but the best of teachers for their children in the ways of faith.” -USCCB

Day Two

Do not let your Bible sit idle on a shelf or coffee table. Bring it out and designate a spot in your home where it will be visible to all members of your family. Displaying the Bible with the pages open is a way of showing that you are receptive to hearing God speak to you throughout your day. Each time you pass by it, you might recall the last verse of Scripture you read and allow that to dwell within you as you go about your daily routine.


  • Consider using a cookbook stand, an artist’s easel, or a music stand. These are all great ways to prop the Bible up and display its pages.
  • Decorate the area around the Bible with cloth, candles, flowers, garlands, etc.
  • Allow each member of your family to contribute to the display, adding any physical objects that may serve as reminders for prayer intentions.
  • Leave some papers, pens, and a bowl nearby. After you write a prayer intention, leave it in the bowl. Then draw a different slip out of the bowl to pray for a family member’s intention.
  • Do not be afraid to remove it from its place during family prayer times to read from it directly! It is meant to be held and flipped through! The Saint John’s Bible was created with the intent that people would gather around it. Thus the size lends itself well for the use of families.

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