Lectio Divina for Personal Prayer

Making The Saint John’s Bible a Part of Your Home
National Bible Week 2015

“National Bible Week provides a unique opportunity for parents to revisit and renew their understanding of the power of the Word of God in the life of their family. As leaders of the ‘domestic Church,’ parents are encouraged to be not only the first but the best of teachers for their children in the ways of faith.” -USCCB

Day One

This first day is all about you, parents! In order to make the Word of God a priority in your home and the lives of your children, start by firmly rooting yourself in Scripture and developing your own prayer routine.

The practices of lectio divina (“diving reading”) and visio divina (“divine seeing”) are accessible to all. They do not demand that you are a Scripture expert coming to the Word with a perfect understanding of its context and content. They simply require you to be open to hearing what God is communicating to you through the Word.

Lectio Divina is a way of slowing down, reading and reflecting on Scripture, and allowing the Holy Spirit to deepen one’s awareness of God through the Word.

Visio Divina builds upon the ancient prayer practice of lectio divina, using both text and art to facilitate one’s encounter with the living Word of God.

Both lectio divina and visio divina can be adapted to the time you choose to set aside for it. When you are just beginning to develop a prayer routine, do not overwhelm yourself. Start by devoting a small amount of time such as 5-10 minutes on a regular basis. As your practice deepens, you may spend 10-30 minutes doing a more sustained reflection.

The following document outlines the six movements of visio divina.
Listening, Meditating, Seeing, Praying, Contemplating, and Becoming Christ-like
Download it here Visio-Divina-Movements.pdf (536 downloads) 6 steps

There are a variety of ways to pray with the Illuminations from The Saint John’s Bible.

  1. Reflection Guides
    Seeing the Word offers Reflection Guides for 21 Illuminations from The Saint John’s Bible. The following Guide to Individual Meditation was developed by Barbara Sutton to help individuals pray with these Reflection Guides.
    Download it here: Individual-Meditation-Guide.pdf (448 downloads)


  1. The Saint John’s Bible Table Top Books
    These books are great to have at home!  You can choose any part of the Biblical text and practice lectio divina. You can also practice visio divina as you gaze upon the illumination of your choosing.
  2. The Seeing the Word Blog
    Several of the illuminations from The Saint John’s Bible are accessible on this blog. If you click on Browse Reflections by Illuminations you will see a variety of illuminations that you can pray with on your computer. These illuminations also have either an audio or written reflections for you to use in prayer.

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