Visio divina for 11/29/11 – “Creation” – Day 3 (Seeing)


Return to God’s word for the purpose of “hearing and seeing” Christ in the text. Fix your gaze on the illumination. Ask God to open the eyes of your heart and enable you to see what God wants you to see.


Yesteday my own meditation led me to consider how God’s act of creation might still live on in our hectic, troubled world. Today as I sit with this illumination, I find myself thinking along the same lines.

In the image there are seven vertical panels, each representing a day of creation. To me it all looks chaotic — a jumble of images, and there is no clear frame or border…creation is not so “clean and neat” as it seems when I read it in a couple of short pargraphs. 

In the ancient world water was a symbol for chaos — for things uncontrolled, not understandable, and even deadly. But on the second day God separates the waters of the world and defines their limits. God is not just drawing a border for the oceans of the world;  God is exercising control over the chaos of the world. Yes there are things in the world that are hard to understand, and yes it can be chaotic and even deadly, but God is more powerful than all of that. This is God’s world, and here is God coming down in a dramatic display of awesome, earthshaking power to reign in that chaos! 

Such tremendous power, and yet to God it is as simple as saying, “Let there be…”. 

Here in this illumination, I think some of this meaning that can so easily be read over is shown. The swirling waters in the second day are truly chaotic. As the days go on, the borders above and below them get gradually more well defined. Order is being established as God moves creation towards its fulfillment, and slowly, surely, chaos is subdued. In the end, on the seventh day: Peace. Sabbath. Fulfillment.

Yesterday I asked myself: Am I looking for ways to bring about God’s love, to help bring the world in line with God’s plan? Here I see a sign of hope. Just as God slowly subdued the chaos of the world during its creation, so too may God help us transform it even today.

Taylor Morgan

© Creation, Donald Jackson with contribution by Chris Tomlin, 2003. The Saint John’s Bible, Order of Saint Benedict, Collegeville, Minnesota.  Scripture quotations are from the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible, Catholic Edition, © 1993, 1989 National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America.  Used by permission.  All rights reserved.

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