Illuminating the Encounter: Life in Community

Illuminating the Encounter is a series of audio reflections focusing on our encounters with Christ, the church community and each other, as highlighted by the illuminations of The Saint John’s Bible.

Life in Community
Acts 4:32-35

Peter Bierer
Senior High Formation Minister at Pax Christi Catholic Community in Eden Prairie, MN. Peter is also a graduate student at the Saint John’s University School of Theology and Seminary.

3 thoughts on “Illuminating the Encounter: Life in Community

  1. Thank you for your reflection on evangelizing. I found your illustration on community and us as potential members to be a perfect example of mine. As a youth minister I too am learning to be evangelized by my kids and it’s exciting. Peace to you.

  2. As someone who has lived community in religious life for over 50 years, I found your reflection on life in community very inspiring. Thank you for sharing these thoughts with your students and with us! God bless you!

  3. Wow! The exact message I needed for today and the near future as delivered by the Holy Spirit through Peter, the St. John’s Bible and all you good people promoting this! Briefly, I have been called into a new community of ministers and ministry. We are experiencing what Peter so eloquently described as community transition and have the opportunity for great growth and joy even as challenge(s) abound. I believe we will choose the avenue of growth! Christ’s peace and love to all! Greg

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