Illuminating the Encounter: Pentecost

Illuminating the Encounter is a series of audio reflections focusing on our encounters with Christ, the church community and each other, as highlighted by the illuminations of The Saint John’s Bible.

Acts 1:6-11; 2:1-47

Jessie Bazan
Masters of Divinity candidate at the Saint John’s University School of Theology and Seminary and Seeing the Word graduate assistant

4 thoughts on “Illuminating the Encounter: Pentecost

  1. Thank you, Jessie. Your comparison of the energy of Pentecost to the energy and fervor of a crowd at a football game was very creative. It made the gift of tongues seem so much of a gift.

  2. Pivoting on the word together, the reflection lends itself to make sure we understand that we are not individuals on this journey. The artist rendering is very appropriate.

  3. that was my first audio and it was wonderful – loved hearing the meaning of the illumination.

  4. “TOGETHER” is the word that resonates within me, Jessie! As I think of most all of the great human accomplishments in life – whether it be Ghandi’s or Romero’s stands for justice and peace, Mother Teresa’s or Princess Diana’s missions with the dying or maimed by landmines, each of these individuals exhorted and combined with other to make headway with God’s mission – together! Thanks, Jessie! greg

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