Illuminating the Encounter: Call of the Disciples

Illuminating the Encounter is a series of audio reflections focusing on our encounters with Christ, the church community and each other, as highlighted by the illuminations of The Saint John’s Bible.

Call of the Disciples
John 1:35-51

Dr. Barbara Sutton
Associate Dean of Formation & Outreach at the Saint John’s University School of Theology and Seminary.

3 thoughts on “Illuminating the Encounter: Call of the Disciples

  1. Awesome! Love the part of volunteer vs .baptismal responsibility! ! We often or I often think volunteering is a part of team talent treasure. I have never thought it as not being optional.
    Dr. Sutton hits it out of the part again. She was great when she visited the Diocese of Syracuse .
    I also liked the concept of the beloved being a “he or she”. I not so much a feminist as I like that perspective because it’s easy to slip yourself into that role. Thanks again for the awesome job.

  2. Excellent! I feel the call for greater conversion myself and plan to share this with our entire staff at Sacred Heart. We have been using the “discipleship” language in our all-family catechesis this year, and this defines both the opportunity and the challenge for each and all of us. Thanks for the illumination and accompanying audio – Shalom! Greg

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