Illuminating Christ: The Ministry of Jesus in the Season of Lent

STW Lent booklet - Ministry of Jesus COVER

Join Seeing the Word this Lent as we take a prayerful look into the ministry of Jesus Christ through the lens of The Saint John’s Bible. Graduate assistant Jessie Bazan has written a prayer booklet entitled, 'Illuminating Christ: The Ministry of Jesus in the Season of Lent.' The full booklet, which includes prayers and reflections for six illuminations, is available for download as a PDF. Please enter your name and email below to download the file.

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PRINTING: For a successful outcome, print the booklet on legal sized paper (8.5×14). Adjust your printer settings to '2-sided printing' with the binding location set to the 'short edge (top).'


18 thoughts on “Illuminating Christ: The Ministry of Jesus in the Season of Lent

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  1. I tried to email Jessie at and I got a return email saying that my message didn’t go through. Could you please check on this. I am interested in receiving her Lenten prayer booklet: ILLUMINATING CHRIST: THE MINISTRY OF JESUS IN THE SEASON OF LENT. Please let me know what else I can do to receive Jessie’ booklet. I understand it is available for download as a PDF. Thank you! Sr. Rosemarie

  2. Jessie, Would be interested in the Illuminating Christ instructions. Thank you for your service to the Kingdom. Peace, Jim Clasen

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