Visio divina for 12/9/11 – “Messianic Predictions” – Day 6 (Contemplating)


Notice the transforming presence of God within you. Let go of words and images. Surrender all that is stirring, even if only briefly, and rest for a few minutes in God’s embrace.



Contemplation is not something that I naturally drift towards.  I would imagine that this is the case for most people as well. 

As I’ve spent the week reflection upon both the scripture text from Isaiah and its accompanying illumination, I’ve been trying to find that time for contemplation – that interior reflection and search of “everlasting peace.” 

One thing that I’ve been much more conscious of is my time spent driving.  I generally like to listen to the news or classical music, but I’m beginning to realize how precious this drive time can be.  I’ve been trying to keep the radio off lately and use that time for reflection.  It really is amazing how contemplative a drive can be, even if it’s only five minutes.  I think it’s an important lesson to learn how to relish even the smallest moments of quiet.

What do I think about during these quiet times?  Sometimes my mind wanders, but lately I’ve been reflecting on that idea of “everlasting peace.”  Oddly enough, there’s a certain amount of peace that comes from even contemplating such an idea!  I think that what it comes down to is going about our daily lives with a certain amount of mindfulness.  Why are we occupying our time with the activities that we do?  For whom are we doing these things?  I think if we can be conscious about our day-to-day actions and intents, we can start to grasp at the “everlasting peace” that Isaiah promised.

Messianic Predictions, Thomas Ingmire, © 2005 The Saint John’s Bible, Order of Saint Benedict, Collegeville, Minnesota, USA. Scripture quotations are from the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible, Catholic Edition, Copyright 1993, 1989 National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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