Illuminating the Call: The Word Made Flesh

Illuminating the Call is a series of audio reflections connecting the themes of Advent and Christmas, and the calling of a major Old Testament figure with the illuminations of The Saint John’s Bible. The series will explore the ways God is calling us to be disciples today.

The Word Made Flesh
John 1:1-14

Jessie Bazan
Jessie is a first year Masters of Divinity student at the Saint John’s University School of Theology and Seminary. She also works as the graduate assistant for Seeing the Word.

One thought on “Illuminating the Call: The Word Made Flesh

  1. Inspiring, comforting, relational! Jessie’s reflection makes “the Word made flesh” among us – Jesus, alive yet today and not at all just a one-day event. The meaning of incarnation transcends the birthday to all of history, all of life – thanks, Jessie! Greg

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