Seeing Christmas 2013: Praise of Wisdom

Seeing Advent is a series of audio reflections connecting the themes of the season with the Illuminations of The Saint John’s Bible.

Praise of Wisdom
Sirach 24

Seeing Christmas 2013 – Praise of Wisdom from Saint John's School of Theology on Vimeo.

Ian Peoples
Franciscan Community Volunteer, Catholic Charities St. Cloud Children’s Home

3 thoughts on “Seeing Christmas 2013: Praise of Wisdom

  1. This is very inspirational–thanks for sharing it! This is indeed the Good News of the Incarnation in our midst. Christmas Blessings of love and peace to all!

  2. Ian this is so well done. I particularly like the sound of your voice. It so soothing and comforting. Your personal sharing on how you have found wisdom and Christ outside of the Church is profound. I liked your questions on how we will spread the Wisdom of Christ today in our own particular interacting with our Sisters and Brothers we meet in the daily. This was a super job, Ian. You did a remarkable job given the fact that you had such a short time to do this.

    I am sorry I am so late in responding. My life was very full just before Christmas. Thank you for the your card you sent a few days ago. I hope you are able to brave this brutal cold we are having. May the love to Christ fill you and keep you warm inside and out!!!

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